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Below you will find a selection of construction White Card (Construction Induction Card) providers we have identified in Queensland. This is not an exhaustive list, and if there is not a provider near you listed you may need to do further research.

There is also the option to complete a construction White Card online, which is accepted by WorkCover Queensland and recognised as a valid construction induction card. Depending on your provider, if you complete a construction White Card online you will receive a QLD card.

Are White Cards Completed Online / Interstate Accepted in QLD?

At present the following construction induction cards are recognised in Queensland and vica versa:

  • Tasmanian White Card
  • South Australian White Card
  • Northern Territory Construction Induction Card
  • Victorian White Card
  • Australian Capital Territory White Card
  • New South Wales White Card
  • Western Australian White Card
  • Victorian Red Card issued prior to July 2008 (Must carry the Foundation For Safety Logo)
  • Victorian White Cards issued after 30 June 2008 carrying the Work Safe Victoria Logo
Example of a White Card from QLD

Example of a White Card from Queensland

Are Old Style QLD Green Cards And Other Interstate Cards Accepted?

Unfortunately in NSW and other states and territories, the old style Green Card (which is actually coloured green) are no longer recognised as being valid. To update to the nationally recognised Construction Induction Card you will need to complete CPCCOHS1001A- commonly known as the construction white card course. Contact your nearest RTO (Registered Training Organisation) to arrange a booking or select from the list of providers below.

The good news is that the former QLD Blue Card is still accepted throughout Australia.

What If I Already Have A QLD Blue Card?

The good news is that if you are already the holder of a valid Blue Card from QLD, then there is no requirement to upgrade to the modern construction induction white card. However if are some point your Blue Card becomes lost, destroyed, or damanged, you will be required to follow the replacement procedure. At this point you will be issued with a new construction white card (construction induction card). Typically there is no requirement to complete the new course CPCCOHS1001A which is good news.


Major – Industrial Short Courses and Driver Training

Head/Southside Office

Address: 38 Prairie Rd, Ormeau / Yatala Qld 4207
Phone: 07 3489 7733

Northside Office

Address: 5 Nolan Drive, Morayfield / Caboolture Qld 4506
Phone: 07 5428 6944

Westside Office

Address: 21-25 Monigold Place Dinmore / Ipswich Qld 4303
Phone: 07 3282 0344

Gold Coast Site

Address: Casua Drive Varsity Lakes Qld 4227
Phone: 1300 790 822
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